OET Writing ModuleOET Ireland

10 live interactive lessons 

In the Writing Module, you will….

  • Write to different healthcare professionals and individuals involved in the care of a patient including:
    • letters of discharge,
    • letters of transfer, and
    • letters of referral
    • letters of information, where appropriate
  • Interpret case notes, extract essential information, and express it clearly and concisely in English
  • Use a wide range of language concisely and appropriately in your writing
  • Organise and link your writing and highlight important information confidently
  • Use correct spelling and punctuation in English
  • Develop and practise techniques to maximise your performance in the OET writing subtest
  • Practise official OET writing tests
  • Receive focussed feedback on your writing throughout the course
  • Have a Mock Test under test conditions, which will be marked using OET criteria
OET Course

New intensive module starting the week commencing 23rd May 2022

For more information and additional class times, email info@medicalingo.ie