OET Reading ModuleOET Ireland

10 live interactive lessons

This module is for all professions

In the reading module, you learn to

  1. Develop and practise techniques for reading a range of healthcare-related texts including:
    • texts that you consult when with a patient,
    • policies, procedures and guidelines associated with your profession and other texts that you need to ensure you work within regulations
    • opinion articles on medical topics
  2. Learn to interpret the kinds of language, style and format used in different kinds of texts
  3. Develop and practice techniques to maximise your performance in the OET Reading subtest. 
  4. Develop confidence with some of the most challenging parts of the Reading subtest  – when you go into the test, you will feel fully prepared. 

You will also

  • Practice official OET reading tests and receive focussed feedback
  • Have a Mock Reading Test under test-type conditions which will be marked using OET criteria
OET Reading

New intensive module starting the week commencing 23rd May 2022

For more information and additional class times, email info@medicalingo.ie