OET Language in Use OET Ireland

10 live interactive lessons 

This module is a unique module that has been specially developed to give you a big advantage in the OET test. It is for all professions.

In the OET Language in Use Module, you will…

  • Review key language required in OET
  • Explore how the language is used in different healthcare settings and in OET 
  • Improve your ability to select the correct answers in the reading and listening subtests of OET
  • Develop your language range for use in the speaking and writing subtests
  • Maximise your potential to perform well in the OET
  • Develop confidence using appropriate language in your healthcare role
  • Practise official OET tests in all 4 subskills and receive focussed language feedback

 New 5-week intensive module starting the week commencing 23rd May 2022

For more information and bookings, email info@medicalingo.ie