OET Listening ModuleOET Ireland

10 live interactive lessons

This module is for all professions

In the Listening Module, you will learn to

  • Understand patients in a consultation in English, including fast speech, different accents, patient language, and more.
  • Understand other healthcare professional in the English-speaking workplace, including handovers, safety briefings, staff meetings etc
  • Understand and follow talks and interviews given by healthcare experts in English 
  • Develop and practise techniques to maximise your performance in the OET listening subtest

You will also

  • Practice official OET listening tests and receive focussed feedback
  • Receive a Mock Listening Test under test-type conditions which will be marked using OET criteria

New intensive 5-week module starting the week commencing 23rd May 2022

For more information and additional class times, email info@medicalingo.ie