"I would like to highly recommend Medicalingo. I received full support via amazing classes and great material. Gillian was always available to answer my questions even hours before the exam. I would not have gotten a B grade without her help! I have no words to thank Medicalingo."
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"Gill was my English teacher when I studied for my exam a few years ago. She is a great teacher and a lovely woman! Her way of teaching is relaxed and she makes it fun. Gill knows how to be demanding too and makes sure that you understand everything. I can honestly say that Gill has been the best English teacher I've ever had!"
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"I’d really really recommend attending Gillian’s lessons. She is a Good Teacher. She cares about the way of teaching. You will get involved in the class because she transmits passion and interest. Since you are followed step by step through your learning, you can do it properly. I went to Ireland with little English and thanks to her help and my perseverance I’ve learnt the language well. I will be always grateful for having joined her classes. I still miss them. Gill is the best teacher I’ve ever had."
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"Thank you so much Gill for going the extra mile during my OET review. Highly recommended!"
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